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Jiu Jitsu is always evolving. At Because Jitsu, we focus on instructional's that give you a sense of progress and help you find connections to improving your Jiu Jitsu game.

About Drew Weatherhead

Professor Drew Weatherhead is the owner and head instructor at Central Alberta Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu located in Blackfalds, Alberta Canada.

Teaching and training full time, Drew is the owner and content creator of the popular Because Jitsu meme page on Instagram and Facebook.

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"I absolutely love when a submission becomes a position, and that is what Drew Weatherhead has done with his Reverse Kimura series. He didn't invent the technique, but this course has shown me layers I never considered. This is the type of game-changing technique innovation that comes along very rarely."

Eli Knight of Knight Jiu-Jitsu
2nd Degree Black Belt under Royce Gracie

"We love Drew’s instructionals and how easy it is to watch them directly on the app. Content is fresh and simple enough to implement during rolling. He's even got a Reverse Kimura entry into the Carni! ⚔️"

Rubber Guard Assassins

"Sometimes simpler techniques might get overlooked by more advanced and trendy ones. The Reverse Kimura is so easy to use that’s it is well worth everyone adding it to their arsenal. At the very least, it offers the user another grip to use when playing closed guard as opposed to the rather predictable collar and sleeve grip."

Seymour Yang

"On top of being the premier content creator in the BJJ community, Drew Weatherhead is an outstanding instructor. In all his instructionals he delivers an in-depth, detailed overview of course content. If you want to get the edge on your opposition, I recommend you check them out!"

Grappling Science

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