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Reverse Kimura - Closed Guard

Closed Guard Technique Series

Professor Drew Weatherhead's usage of the 'Dynamic Tension' Reverse Kimura is the perfect starting point for students of any belt rank.

What you will learn:
   - A simple entry from Closed Guard
   - How Dynamic Tension is used to control the arm
   - Troubleshooting the entry

The 3 ranges of use:

1) Middle (Homebase)
   - Used primarily for sweeps and arm locks

2) Close range
   - Used primarily for back takes

3) Long range
   - Used primarily for submissions

7 common reactions and how to counter them:
   - Wrist grip stripping
   - Straightening the arm
   - Combat base
   - Pulling back and to the side
   - Stacking
   - Pulling straight back
   - Forcing themselves square

Techniques section:
   - 2 x high percentage back takes
   - 5 x sweeps
   - 16 different submissions
   - All starting from the Closed Guard