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Half Guard & Closed Guard Reverse Kimura.

RK Gang, welcome to the free trial of the Reverse Kimura Bundle.

No matter your experience or what you want to achieve, with this Reverse Kimura Bundle we cover everything you need to know about Half Guard and Closed Guard Reverse Kimura.

We'll help you understand, improve and implement Reverse Kimura into your game.

Get Started
Setting up the grip
Truck Roll
Rolling Bow & Arrow

Setting up the grip 

Learn how to set up the Dynamic Tension Reverse Kimura grip from Closed Guard.

Biggest Detail: Do not drag the arm. Move Your hips to the side after the Cross-Wrist grip and before the chopping Underhook.


Truck Roll

This entry will bring you into one of 10th Planet's favorite positions - The Truck! For those who know how to use the Truck already, you're welcome.


Rolling Bow & Arrow

Everyone who hits this submission gets cooler as a matter of fact! And it won't take long drilling this set up before you'll be turning heads and choking necks with it.


Watch anytime, anywhere

Stream the Reverse Kimura System on iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad) and Android devices. When you switch a device, pick up right where you left off.

Simply download the app and sign in.

iOS - Apple Store | Andriod - Google Play

Reverse Kimura App

Bundle Instructional


Techniques in the Bundle:

  • 3 x ranges of RK use
  • 2 x back takes
  • 16 x different submissions
  • Reverse Kimura Grips
  • Transitional options
  • 5 x sweeps
  • Proper Half
  • Lockdown
  • Knee Shield
  • Empty Dogfight
  • Plus much more...

Get started on the Reverse Kimura Bundle

Starting with a simple Cross-Wrist Grip, you will be teleported into a world of back takes, sweeps, transitions and submissions all from the Reverse Kimura!

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