The Extremely Limited 1st Edition, Because Jitsu NFT Collection.

Every NFT is a 1 of 1 version. Built out of Custom Drawn Layers made by Professor Drew Weatherhead himself.

Then, Programmatically Generated to Create a Small Army of 420 Highly Unique Apes - who are all Ready to Roll!





Roll Out Timeline & Launch Dates

December 1st

Public announcement of NFT Collection on Because Jitsu.

December 4th

Public Website Release posted to all Social Media Accounts (250,000+), Discord (800+) & E-mail List (20,000+). Covering Release Dates, Strategy & Benefits Road Map.

December 6th

Building of Whitelist and VIP Access Project Members.

December 10th

Free NFT Giveaway Contest starts. 1 Follower to win the very first Publicly owned Ape Shakaz NFT.

December 15th

Giveaway Winner Announced.

December 21st

3 VIP Project Supporters receive 1 Ape Shakaz NFT each.

December 27th

White List Members Pre-Sale Opens. 10% of Collection Available to be Acquired.

December 28th

Public Launch of all Remaining Ape Shakaz Collection. Mad Scramble Ensues to get your hands on one before they're gone!






Pricing Formula & About Polygon ETH

Actively Rising Floor Price

The Floor Price (Lowest Cost NFT Available in a Collection), by design, will Rise every 20 NFTs in the Collection starting at the Lowest Number and Ascending to the Highest one.

This serves Two Distinct Purposes:


To Incentivize and Reward Early Adopters with the Lowest Barrier to Entry into the Ape Shakaz Club.


For those NFT Collectors looking to make an immediate Profit off of their Investment into the Project; as the Floor Rises, they will be able to Re-Sell any of their Apes Bought at a Lower Floor Price for Profit to Fans who didn't get in as early.

Why Sell in Polygon ETH?

Even though much of the Open Sea platform is Traded on Ethereum, we chose to use Polygon (an ETH side-chain).

The Major Reason why we made that decision was to help YOU the Buyer avoid the Ever Growing and Outrageous Ethereum Gas Fees charged on all Ethereum Transactions.

Polygon has Nearly Zero Transational cost in comparison. Making the choice an easy one for us.

Leading up to the Official Launch, Make Sure to "bridge" the ETH in your Wallet into Polygon ETH so you won't have to waste time while you're trying to get an Ape and miss out!

I'll post a simple video from our Discord here to show you how below.

Benefits & Why You'll Want In On It

Why is it Important to Own one of these?

Strictly from a Collectibles Point of View, Being that this is the First Because Jitsu NFT Collection, Owning 1 of only 420 Possible Units makes each one Exceedingly Rare and Valuable as Time goes on and other Collections get released.

Within the Collection itself there are varying levels of Rarity.

- 400 Common

- 17 Rare

- 3 Super Rare

Benefits To Ape Shakaz Holders:

UNLOCKABLE CONTENT: Select Apes will have an Easter Egg that will only Unlock After Purchase. Things like Free Jiu-Jitsu Instructionals, The Opportunity to BE in a Because Jitsu Meme, Limited Edition Merchandise, Discount Codes & More.

AIR DROPS: Future Exclusive Goodies will appear in Wallets Holding an Ape.

EVENT ACCESS: Plans are in Motion to Host both Digital AND In-Person Events. Giving all Holders Free Access and a Chance to Meet and Train Jiu-Jitsu Together whether Digitally or IRL at a Destination Training Camp.

GUARANTEED ACCESS TO FUTURE RELEASE WHITELISTS: Every Ape Shakaz Holder will be Granted Access into ALL Exclusive Whitelists on Future Because Jitsu NFT Projects in Perpetuity. As a First Edition Owner, You will be Grandfathered into Every Whitelist we Ever Have no Matter How Exclusive the Pre-Requisites are to Non-Holders.



Basic Guide:

How To Buy An Ape Shaka NFT on Open Sea

Step 1)  Download Meta Mask Wallet to either your Chrome Browser, or the Mobile App. Download HERE

Step 2)  Buy  or Send Ethereum into your Meta Mask Wallet. Video HERE

(Note: Sending Crypto to Meta Mask may take minutes or hours to show up. Be patient, and if you're curious on it's status, go to https://etherscan.io/ to track the transaction by searching your Meta Mask Wallet address in the search bar)

Step 3)  Start an OpenSea account at https://opensea.io/ . Tutorial HERE

Step 4)  Bridge Ethereum into Polygon Ethereum on OpenSea. Scroll down for simple How-To Video.

(Note: If you don't see the Polygon ETH in your Metamask wallet, don't worry. Link it to OpenSea and you'll see it there.)

Step 5)  Go to Ape Shakaz Collection HERE once it is Publicly Released at 12 noon Central Time, December 28th and grab your Apes before they're gone!

That's it! Good luck and be ready to Ape Out December 28th!!


Be Ready To Join The Ape Shakaz Army Below

Link to Ape Shakaz Collection:

--> Because Jitsu NFT Presents: Ape Shakaz <--

Link to Because Jitsu Discord:

--> Because Jitsu Discord <--

Keep up to Date on the Project with a Growing Cmmunity of Like-Minded Apes! Be sure, once you join the Discord Server to go to the #Role-Assignment Channel and Tap the Bitcoin Emoji to be able to see the Crypto Channel.

Learn How To Buy and Trade for Polygon:

--> Getting Polygon in Your Wallet <--

Get your Wallet Stocked & Ready for the Release with Polygon! Follow the steps in the YouTube Video Above if you need some Pointers.